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I ve read books which touched on episodes of dominance and submission before but they weren t the main thrust of the romantic tales Though well written and very intriguing, stirring my imagination with fascinating descriptive passages, this book still fell short of really pulling me into the story I just couldn t reach the height of enjoyable participation in the narrative as I ve done with many other stories of romance and intrigue I certainly recommend this writer s work to anyone who can (((EBOOK))) ↜ Owning Their Pet: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance (Owned and Shared Book 1) (English Edition) ⇺ In This World, There Are Owners And There Are PetsWhen Twenty Year Old Village Girl Melsint Is Purchased For Use As A Pet By Lord Evston Calex, She Soon Discovers That She Will Be Shared With His Brother, Commander Rocurt Calex Her Strict New Owners Quickly Make Clear That They Plan To Take Their Beautiful, Virgin Pet Hard And Often And They Will Not Hesitate To Punish Her Harshly For Even The Slightest Hint Of DefianceDespite Her Shame At Being Treated As Mere Property, Melsint Cannot Hide Her Response To Their Painful, Humiliating Chastisements And Rough, Demanding Use Of Her Body But As Her Training Grows Intense By The Day, She Is Left To Wonder If She Will Ever Be Than Just A PetPublishers Note Owning Their Pet Is A Stand Alone Book Which Is The First Entry In The Owned And Shared Series It Includes Spankings And Sexual Scenes If Such Material Offends You, Please Dont Buy This Book Melsint believes that she is doing the right thing She wants to help out her family and being a pet seems the easiest way It is only for 60 days Her Aunt can come get her when Mel wishes But nothing is as simple as that Evston and his brother Rucurt take an interest in Mel but so Rucurt.I have to say that as much as there is a pet aspect to the story, Mel actually is treated beyond that Ruc definitely sees from her He strays away from the rules that you never really read about I thought Evs would have mentioned them in the beginning but he never has And I really would like to know what they are You think that Evs would be the lead but nope, he handled the business aspect of things Though Ruc is the warrior military side with strength, you see he soft side and compassion I have to say I do love the turn in the story It is a Happily Ever After The story does end with a lead in to the next one, Taken by the Warriors. The emotional depth of this story carries it far ahead of most BDSM stories The characters and plot are interesting and believable which makes the sex hotter The writing is also a step above Nothing is irritating than poor editing I will watch for by Ms Wray. Rounded up from a 3.75This was my first Marlee Wray book, but it won t be my last I enjoyed the book and the characters Melsint really knew what she was and what she wanted She had no problems fighting with her family for her desires.The only thing I didn t like was the strange words for time It was jarring and didn t flow well for me That s just me though.