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I thought this book was just dreadful The heroine of the book is not fit to be on the police force She is too emotional, beats up on people, is classless her boyfriend has a bigger package than her ex husband , and I am sick of reading about cops with family problems I read to escape family problems As usual in every self published book by an author they have to put in a poor cat being abused in this case drowned I won t be buying the next book in the series. #READ E-PUB Ø Vanishing Girls: Detective Josie Quinn ¿ She Was Close Enough To See That The Girl Had Written A Word On The Wall In Bright, Warm Red Blood Not A Word, Actually A Name Everyone In The Small Town Of Denton Is Searching For Isabelle Coleman, A Missing Year Old Girl All They Ve Found So Far Is Her Phone And Another Girl They Didn T Even Know Was Missing Mute And Completely Unresponsive To The World Around Her, It S Clear This Mysterious Girl Has Been Damaged Beyond Repair All Detective Josie Quinn Can Get From Her Is A Name Ramona Currently Suspended From The Force For Misconduct, Josie Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands As The Name Leads Her To Evidence Linking The Two Girls She Knows The Race Is On To Find Isabelle Alive, And She Fears There May Be Others The Trail Leads Josie To Another Victim, A Girl Who Escaped But Whose Case Was Labelled A Hoax By Authorities To Catch This Monster, Josie Must Confront Her Own Nightmares And Follow Her Instinct To The Darkest Of Places But Can She Make It Out Alive Fans Of Angela Marsons, Helen Fields, And Robert Dugoni Will Be Utterly Gripped And Listening Long Into The Night Once They Discover The First In This Unputdownable New Crime Thriller Series I enjoyed this book, kept me very interested until the end and I finished it rather quickly I feel this was a fast paced, well written read Josie is a strong character and I liked her, I really could care less about her sex life though When I read a thriller, I want just that, a thriller I really don t care to have the sex romance part of it That is just me, don t hate me There were a lot of coincidences in this book that made some things a bit implausible I became invested enough in this story though that I would definitely like to read of Josie and see where the author takes this series Looking forward to book number 2 4.5 starsSeventeen year old Isabelle went missing from Denton Pennsylvania Although Detective Josie Quinn was currently suspended from her job, she couldn t stay quiet The investigation to find Isabelle was taking too long And although the chief assured Josie that everything was being done to find the girl, Josie was not convinced So Detective Josie Quinn started to dig, and the deeper she researched, the uglier and complicated the case became.Detective Quinn discovered that Isabelle was not the only teenager who had been abducted around Denton in the past few years The Denton Police were dragging their feet and still considered Isabelle to be just a missing person Detective Quinn knew better these girls were not runaways they were being kidnapped She just hoped that they were still alive The closer Detective Quinn came to the perpetrator, the dangerous life became for her, and everyone, she cared about.I love Detective Josie Quinn She s a no nonsense kickass female detective I never warmed up to any of the male characters in the book, except Noah, the loyal but less than macho, police officer Vanishing Girls is a dark, gritty, and compelling crime thriller Although some pieces of the book were a bit over the top to be believed, the story itself was riveting and memorable Vanishing Girls stayed with me long after I finished the last page I will definitely be reading the next book in the series. I m a huge Lisa Regan fan so I couldn t wait to start this new series The title alone would ve had me purchasing this book, and I wasn t disappointed Lisa delivered an amazing thriller The story keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first chapter all the way to the last chapter when you re not totally sure how it s going to end.Josie Quinn is a hard hitting, take no prisoners, yet relateable lead character Even when you re screaming at the pages because she s totally breaking the rules and doing something she shouldn t be doing, you re still able to relate to her All of the characters are well fleshed out and easy to like, and or hate, depending I cannot wait to read the follow up I have a feeling that Josie Quinn still has a lot of work to do.5 Stars all the way for this thriller I am blown away with the entertaining, clever, and just complex enough storyline of Vanishing Girls by Author Lisa Regan At first I thought this book was a little slow Also, was thinking the main character, Detective Josie Quinn, was maybe not so likable for a detective She is aggressively fierce and blunt Then I wondered if someone with a seriously abusive childhood could be stable enough to be a cop The story, though, just got better and better and my concerns were alleviated.A small town in Pennsylvania is searching for a missing teen and their best detective, Josie, is on suspension for excessive force She is warned over and over again to stay away from the investigation, but that doesn t stop her Meanwhile, her personal life is a mess a husband who is in love with a stripper but won t sign the divorce papers He has done something to her that you will be hard pressed to imagine or guess Josie s investigation finds connections to past kidnappings and an evil so massive it will give you chills The characters are complicated and emotional the surprises in the second half of the book are voluminous, and the action almost non stop An imaginative, and engrossing read you shouldn t miss As a detective and current supervisor in a similar sized agency, I can confidently say that the first chapter as far as I made it was so ridiculously unrealistic that I m writing my first review on.