[Lire Epub] ☰ Wicca Book of Crystal Spells: A Book of Shadows for Wiccans, Witches, and Other Practitioners of Crystal Magic (Wiccan Spell Livres 3) (English Edition) ☫ Famulantenaustausch.de

I love her books [Read Epub] ♖ Wicca Book of Crystal Spells: A Book of Shadows for Wiccans, Witches, and Other Practitioners of Crystal Magic (Wiccan Spell Books 3) (English Edition) ♷ Do You Want To Start Practicing Magic Not Sure Where To Begin Want A Collection Of Spells That Can Transform And Enhance Your Life Crystals Are The Most Delightful Magical Companions Their Mere Presence Creates A Special Ambience Wherever They Are Found They Seem To Speak Silently Of The Infinite, Creative, Living Power Of The Earth After All, These Beautiful Stones Have Been On The Planet For Millions And Even Billions Of Years Its No Wonder That Theyve Been Used In Magic For Centuries, In Many Cultures Throughout The World This Collection Of Spells, Rituals, And Other Workings From Best Selling Author Lisa Chamberlain Is Devoted To The Magical Energies Of Crystals And Other Mineral Stones It Can Be Used On Its Own Or As A Companion To Lisas Book Crystal Magic Each Spell Is Elegantly Simple And Suitable For Beginners To Magic, Yet Can Inspire Seasoned Practitioners As WellFeaturing A Witchs Dozen Of Crystals And Mineral Stones Widely Used In The Magical Arts, The Workings In Book Of Crystal Spells Are Organized By Stone, Rather Than By Purpose, So That You Can Get Better Acquainted With Each Crystal, One At A Time Each Of These Stones Can Easily Be Found Anywhere You Purchase Magical Supplies, And They Make Wonderful Energetic Additions To Your Altar Or Anywhere Else In Your HomeTransform Your Life From The Inside OutThose Who Work With Crystals Understand That These Pieces Of The Earth Are Alive In Their Own Way, Capable Of Communicating Their Ancient Wisdom With Us If We Are Open And Receptive To Their Messages Many Of The Spells In This Inspiring Collection Are Focused On Aspects Of Emotional Healing And Energetic Balancing, Two Purposes That Crystals Are Uniquely Suited For As Such, Single Crystals Are Often The Focus Of These Spells, With Minimal Additional Ingredients, In Order To Help You Deepen Your Own Magical Relationships With These Powerful Ancient ToolsCrystal Spells For Material, Emotional, And Spiritual Well BeingOf Course, Other Traditional Magical Goals Are Also Represented Here, Including Protection From Various Unwanted Circumstances And Personal Empowerment In The Face Of Challenges, As Well As Prosperity And Healthy Relationships Here Are Just A Few Life Enhancing Changes You Can Create In Your Life Using The Spells, Rituals, And Magical Charms In This Crystal Centered Book Of Shadows Boost And Maintain Financial Security Attract And Maintain Healthy Relationships Develop Self Love And Confidence Reduce Anger, Stress, And Social Anxiety Find Answers Through Divination Rituals Promote Clear Thinking And Communication SkillsIn Short, You Will Find Many Useful Workings In Book Of Crystal Spells, As You Learn To Further Develop Your Intuitive Understanding Of These Beautiful, Magical Gifts From The EarthIf You Re Ready To Begin Working With Magical Crystals, Scroll To The Top Of The Page And Select The Buy Now Button Readers Will Also Be Treated To An Exclusive Free EBook Outdated ritual crap Guilt must be owned, you can not bury it Plus, this magic will not work, not now anyway, I ve shut it off to the greedy and wicked sinners that use it all the time for self centered People. This book helps explain the different stones and for what purpose, if you are just starting your journey with stones and crystals, this is an excellent book I do wish it provided pictures to help recognize the stones when shopping. As usual, great book I m going to have to re read so the other books of yours before I buy I especially love how there s spells that can will help me Can t wait to cast a few.