&Gratuit Pdf ↡ Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together (English Edition) ☔ Ebook or Kindle ePUB free

I saw this book being recommended and decided to purchase for my daughter who is heading to college I ended up also grabbing the Kindle version for myself I really like the language, it is easy to read and relate to even made me laugh at myself a few times , and I think it is going to be a solid foundation for my daughter as she sets off on her own Because we all know that it s good to sometimes hear it from someone other than mom and dad As for myself, I used the free worksheet to get a closer look at my own budget and am looking forward to putting it into practice. Simply put this book has changed my life I am absolutely the person who needs an easy how to on everything not because I m dumb but because, lets face it, money management can be very overwhelming.Rachel takes all of that way She is funny She is direct She is no nonsense, but also fun She makes complete sense But most importantly she makes this easy I highly recommend for anyone who struggles to get off that month to month grind But I also think this is perfect for high school and college aged kids starting their credit and financial histories I am seriously going to make this my go to gift.Thank you Rachel for this incredible book I m hoping for a follow up Finally Here s an easy to understand book that is actually easy to understand You know that feeling when someone starts explaining something to you and your eyes are glazing over and your mind is wondering There s none of that here Everyday language and anecdotes draw you in, teach you what you thought was hopeless, and help you apply to your life I thought I was doomed to never understand the stock market I have tried for years, reading financial articles and books and this book did what no other book or article could I ve read a few beginner financial books, but this is hands down my favorite I, embarrassingly, actually have an MBA but they didn t teach anything about personal finance I ve been trying to learn about it for about two years because I know it s important, but my eyes just sort of glaze over and I don t retain anything I didn t glaze over anything reading this book and it really got to the meat of what I needed to know in an entertaining way I ve recommended it to my little sister too I will probably keep recommending it until she buys and reads it I really can not recommend this book enough for anyone who knows they need to learn about personal finance but was too intimidated or overwhelmed to start. &Free Pdf ☛ Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together (English Edition) ☛ Lets Face It Adulting Is Hard, Especially When It Comes To Money Management In Money Honey, Former Financial Advisor Rachel Richards Achieves The Impossible By Bringing Humor And Sass To The Dreaded Subject Of Personal FinanceAn Avid Investor And Business Owner, Rachel Talks Straight About How To Attain Financial Freedom Youll Find No Shortage Of Valuable Nuggets In This Tough Love Guide That Will Teach You How To Double Your Income And Halve Your ExpensesConsolidate Your Student Loans And Lower Your Interest RateOpen A Brokerage Account And Make A Trade So That You Can Start Investing In The Stock MarketAllocate Your Money Between Debt Payoff, Short Term Savings, And Retirementand Lots Most Importantly, Youll Learn Rachels Simple Steps For Getting Your Financial Hit Together If Youre Ready To Whip Your Finances Into Shape And Have Fun While Doing So, This Book Is For YouSee For Yourself What S Inside Money Honey, With An Excerpt Outlining The Contents Of The Hilarious Book Ill Start With The Foundation How To Create A Budget So You Know Where You Stand Today How To Double Your Income And Halve Your Expenses Where To Put Your Savings To Get The Highest Rate Of ReturnThen Well Move Onto That Bad Boy Called Debt How To Lower Your Student Loan Interest Rates Via Consolidation Why Credit Cards Are Either Your Friend Or Your Foehow Mortgages Workhow To Get A Bombproof Credit ScoreThe Next Section My Favorite Is Investing Investing Is Scary For Most Newbies Because It Feels Foreign Ill Walk You Through Everything The Difference Between A Stock, Bond, Mutual Fund, And Index Fund, And Which One Is The Real MVP For My Fellow Millennialshow To Put Together An Investment Strategy Thats Right For You How To Physically Open Up An Account And Make A Trade, With Screenshots Included How Retirement Accounts Work And When You Should Start Saving For Retirement Hint Now Lastly, Ill Touch On Taxes And Insurance Youll Learn Why Tax Refunds Should Not Be Celebratedwhy Long Term Disability Insurance Is As Important As Life InsuranceApplicable In And Beyond, Money Honey Is Perfect For Newbies To Personal Finance Get This As A Birthday Gift Or Christmas Present For The Struggling Millennial Or Young Adult In Your Life, Or Better Yet, Treat Yourself