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Superbe livre Facile lire, m me pour les personnes ne parlant pas tr s bien anglais Tr s motivant, inspirant, vrai Je le recommande fortement. Neon Soul has so many lessons to teach in its pages Alexandra Elle spills her heart, wisdom, and her genuine neon soul into every word, which makes every poem, every piece, every word speak volumes Even when I just open the book to a random page a re read a poem, I find myself stopping, soaking it in, and learning what I can As an avid promoter of self care and self love, Alexandra Elle is the perfect person to be writing about love, learning, evolution, and appreciation Neon Soul is a beautiful collection, and I highly recommend it. The first time I heard anything by Alex Elle, it was on an episode of First an amazing series that you should go watch on YouTube right now I was immediately obsessed I downloaded her books to my phone and tweeted screenshots from them without abandon for months Alex explains me in a way I have never experienced before in a stranger, lending words to my endless feelings of self doubt and my longing for love love she has helped me to find in myself Her passion for self care shines through every page of this book The poems fluctuate perfectly between lengths, but my personal favorite format of Alex s has always been the succinct her shortest poems showcase her incredible talent at saying everything in so few words I strongly encourage anyone who is in a point of self reflection, who is recovering or has recovered from trauma or loss, who loves poetry, or who cares to give gratitude and meaning to life s tiniest moments to purchase this book and support this incredible woman. Sometimes I wish there was another star, a different color perhaps, that would let you express how beyond amazing something is That it is in a class of it s own.This book Her writing Neon Soul speaks to where I am, where I ve been, where I hope to someday be I felt movement, real flowing movement I yelled out loud in triumph I teared and sat somber in self reflection and remembrance I read some out loud, in different tones and different meters I was encouraged and felt at peace I had to take cleansing breaths between pages so that I could honor each poem, each piece of prose I was only a quarter of the way through when I got back on and sent a copy to a close friend, wanting her to feel what I kept feeling I emerged as though on a soul level, I know Alex Elle and she knows mea deep, spiritual human connection I felt as though on some level or plane, she is in my tribe.This one is worth owning, feeling the book beneath your fingertips This not a book you ll read through once, enjoy and be done with This one will sit on your bedside table and you ll keep coming back for , to feel again, to breathe again, to move again. Love this, finished it in one day It s deep and speaks to your heart but in a positive way I love that it not only deals with heartbreak but how to forgive and move on from it She speaks on finding happiness after loss of love I m going to buy her other book as well. ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING Read Love in my Language first With Every Struggle Comes Strength when I read similar words in this book I was overwhelmed.Found this in a time in my life where I needed to hear someone else s story in order to understand appreciate my own.I want to thank the author for sharing her story so beautifully being another empowering voice to those in need.What s next *READ EBOOK ✙ Neon Soul: A Collection of Poetry and Prose (English Edition) ☛ Alexandra Elle Writes Frankly About Her Experience As A Young, Single Mother While She Celebrates Her Triumph Over Adversity And Promotes Resilience And Self Care In Her Readers This Book Of All New Poems From The Belovedauthor Of Words From A Wanderer And Love In My Languageis A Quotable Companion On The Road To Healing