|Gratuit Pdf ♖ When Your Partner Has an Addiction: How Compassion Can Transform Your Relationship (and Heal You Both in the Process) (English Edition) ♩ eLivres or Kindle ePUB free

I am a very introspective person and have an ability to self reflect I purchased this book because I am in a new relationship and my partner has an active addiction He wants help and wants to stop I was unsure what to do or how to act I was aware that in am drawn to him because of my own unresolved issues This book provided valuable insight on how to be there for him and also what i need to do for myself.It will be a hard journey but i feel better about my actions and responses and better equipped for my circumstances. This has helped quite a bit than expected. This book is very helpful in understanding addiction Both our own and a loved one Practicing compassion and self care opens many doors. Really enjoyed this book It helped me see how my actions could be contributing to the problem Also helped me shift the focus onto myself and my own healing. |Free Pdf ♝ When Your Partner Has an Addiction: How Compassion Can Transform Your Relationship (and Heal You Both in the Process) (English Edition) ♵ Your Partners Addiction Takes A Toll On Both Of Your LivesThat Doesnt Mean You Should Turn Your Back On The Person You Love Weve Been Told That Staying With A Partner Who Struggles With Addictionwhether It Be With Drugs, Alcohol, Or Addictive Behaviorsmeans That Were Enabling Their Destructive Behavior That Wanting To Help Them Means Were Codependent, And That The Best Thing For Both Of Us Is To Walk Away From The Relationship Entirely But Is That True When Your Partner Has An Addiction Challenges The Idea That The Best Chance For Recoveryfor The Addict And Their Partneris To Walk Away Instead, It Makes The Revolutionary Claim That You, And The Love You Have For Your Partner, Can Be A Key Part Of His Or Her Journey To RecoveryTogether, Addiction Activist And Bestselling Author Christopher Kennedy Lawford And Psychotherapist Beverly Engel, MFT, Take A Fresh Look At Addiction And Codependencythe Latest Research On What Causes Them And What The Two Have In Common Rather Than Treat Addiction Or Codependency As Disease Or Weakness, When Your Partner Has An Addiction Honors The Trauma And Shame That Often Lie At Their Source And Shows You How To Use Your Love To Combat That Shame, Allowing You To Effectively Support Your Partner And Heal YourselfThe Research Proves That, While You Cannot Fix Your Partner, You Can Have A Positive Impact On Their Recovery Whether You Suffer From Codependency, And Whether Your Partner Is Already In Recovery, When Your Partner Has An Addiction Provides You With Proven Techniques And Strategies To Drastically Improve Your Relationship And Help Get Your Partner The Help He Needswithout Leaving And While Taking Care Of Yourself In The Process