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Baby Zeina, who knew nothing about the Lebanese Civil War, was gently tossed into the middle of it when she was born in 1981 Of course she remembers nothing about that event, but perhaps her mother did Zeina remembers all kinds of things like the darkness around them when her mother hugged her and her little brother Promise me you ll always look out for each other, she asked them She remembered all those little holes in her mother s Renault and the windshield that wasn t always there It left four years in a row so why bother Instead of replacing it, she would wear sunglasses when she drove to shield her eyes Whatever works Zeina remembered learning her colors that was easy and then later all about going to school The school bus wasn t going to stop near their house because they were in the zone West Beirut was to the west near the demarcation line and they were too close to No Man s Land The bus picked them up at Ward s Ice Cream Parlor instead Mr George was the taxi driver who drove them to the bus This Zeina remembers and later he taught her to drive Slow down Slow down She smiled, but he certainly did not.There were the giant robot cartoons, the times when utilities were out, RC Cola, fairy tales, and Sabah Zeina loved to dance to her song Ayym el Loulou Helicopters filled up the skies during the war and her father would sit, arms and legs crossed, listening to Wagner Way too loud in order to drown out the chaos outside There were lots of fun things and her brother loved to collect shrapnel for his collection And then there was Zeina s backpack All kinds of cool things in there, she explains, everything I wanted to take with me, if we had to run Beep, beep Beep, beep It was time to run.This is an amazing tale of Zeina Abirached s childhood during war torn Beirut This is a book of childhood remembrances as seen through the eyes of the author when she was a child Far from negative, they reflect the joys of a childhood that could have been lost, but was not Yes, the war raged around Zeina, but the happy things swirled around her as well There were the stories, songs, laughter, and fun woven in the fabric of a most unusual time to be a child Memorable scenes include a Candy land like board depicting places where the family took refuge during the war The illustrations in this graphic novel are in high contrast black and white, making the mini autobiography even poignant Marvelous look at life in East Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War from the eyes of a child.This book courtesy of the publisher. [Read] ☩ I Remember Beirut (English Edition) ♷ Zeina Abirached, Author Of The Award Winning Graphic Novel A Game For Swallows, Returns With A Powerful Collection Of Wartime Memories Abirached Was Born In Lebanon In She Grew Up In Beirut As Fighting Between Christians And Muslims Divided The City Streets Follow Her Past Cars Riddled With Bullet Holes, Into Taxi Cabs That Travel Where Buses Refuse To Go, And On Outings To Collect Shrapnel From The Sidewalk With Striking Black And White Artwork, Abirached Recalls The Details Of Ordinary Life Inside A War Zone I really enjoyed the illustrations and graphics of this novel, but wasn t too excited about the content.I did like the fact that Zeina took a different route to talking about the civil war, a personal route really About her personal experience as a child surveying the world around her and all the things that are happening Noticing the little details, her parents reactions, the different situations she was put in when the electricity went out or when she couldn t go to school and so on.I also related to many different aspects of her life We grew up around the same time, so watched the same cartoons, listened to the same music, watched the same movies, experienced same world events and just pretty much found myself familiar with a lot of the references mentioned throughout.Did I expect though I did It was such a small book, with very little text Yes, this allowed for the illustrations to really take centre stage, but I guess I just wished for detail I wanted to get inside her head I wanted to see how she really felt or what she really thought and not just go through the mindless day to day with her. Zeina Abirached writes of her experience during the war in Lebanon The deliberate choice of using black and white brings out the tragedy that she lived.She never knew the Beirut that used to be known as the Paris of the Middle East, her memories are all of the war and nothing else This is very sad but it also is an eye opener about the effects of war on children. My childhood friend s daughter wrote this book