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I loved this book as I have all of the LT Ryan novels I agree with the positive comments and don t really feel that I can add anything to them I do, however, need to point out one observation The large number of typos is most unusual for this quality novel Sometimes I needed to reread sections to make sense out of the story line I am usually able to ignore typos in bargain basement books but Ryan s books are a few cuts above most others and worthy a better editing effort. Having read an earlier book by this author, I had high expectations By the end of the book, I grew bored with the formulaic plot which was filled with exaggerations, shallow characters, and predictable outcomes This series leaves each book unfinished with leads into another book I won t purchase another What a disappointment I really debated with myself as to how to rate this book It depends upon what you are looking for, I guess Had I been rating in on plausibility believability it would have been closer to the other end of the rating scale But for good writing Deserves to be read Nope, the plot premise isn t original I ve seen several books using the same idea But Ryan s delivery is unique, starting with the underlying twist and ending if it can be said to have ended with the final twist.Others have mentioned the growth of Clarissa s character Sorry, I see her character devolving rather than growing Her psyche is wearing splints to keep from falling apart But in my opinion it takes good if not excellent writing to be able to describe that devolvement without destroying the character.L.T.Ryan has taken a used plot idea and unbelievable action and outcome, coupled them with characters barely functional as individuals, and has written a thoroughly enjoyable novel If you want reality, read an algebra book If you want entertainment, then here it is. Fast paced, well crafted story of betrayal and intrigue I became a devoted fan of Mr Ryan s books because of his characters Jack Noble and Bear I will now add Clarissa to that pair, making a trio that I will be watching, for a new book from one of my new favorite authors. [ Read Pdf ] ♍ Beyond Betrayal (Clarissa Abbot Thriller) (English Edition) ⚕ Recalled From Her Assignment In London, England, Clarissa Abbot Is Handed Her Most Difficult Assignment Yet To Observe And Isolate A Potential Threat To National Security That Resides Inside The White House Facing A Conspiracy That Threatens To Rock Washington, DC To Its Core, Clarissa Is Pitted Against An Overwhelming Force That Wont Stop Until Shes Dead