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I was a tad skeptical obtaining this manual fearing it to be a rehash of Howe s two older works, but I was pleasantly surprised at the dept of new and updated material contained within this book Sure there is some overlap, but it is good overlap, as in reviewing standards that need to be maintained at a highly proficient tactical level of operations.Howe not only offers of his real world, operational stories concisely written, in order to convey key principles of sound tactical practices and procedures, without giving trade secrets to the enemy who will obviously be studying this manual, too , he also provides at the end of each well written chapter, a conclusive summary of key points to study, improve upon, sustain and or change as one progresses in experience and training.The book is quite comprehensive, insofar as how and why one must prepare as both leader and innovative, out of the box thinker, if one is to be truly an effective and efficient tactical fighter The book possesses an easy to read and follow format with precise outlines of essential know how and applications that will guide the reader to being appreciatively mindful of key elements of not only how to go about creating training paradigms, but how to properly maximize implementing said training paradigms for the fight All through the book, Howe emphasizes the great importance of proper mindset, mindset, mindset if one is going to a leader men will willingly follow into harms way, and who is capable of actually leading men in the utter chaos, duress and mayhem of killing combat.All superior systems possess built in redundancies, and this book is no exception, but as within great systems, they are much needed and do not need to be downgraded So if it sounds as though Howe is repeating himself at times, it is for that very specific reason of drilling the necessary survival mechanisms into high working order.This book, I personally believe, illustrates that Howe has grown and matured as a better writer, tactical instructor and teacher of leadership principles and concepts His extensive, real world operational skills, sound academic research and his continuing growth as a world class instructor of military and law enforcement tactical teams, brilliantly shines forth from this work, offering the consumer a mix of expertise not many others can match in this crazy, crazy world of commercial tactical training.This book needs to be read carefully, underlined, contemplated deeply, and then kept close by for immediate referencing as it will genuinely help one systematically look at, tear apart and bring to resolve small to serious problems one will surely meet when engaged at the leadership level of tactical operations in the military or law enforcement.This IS a Superb book, that MORE than delivers the truths one expects to discover in a volume that is genuine and true to its title LEADERSHIP AND TRAINING FOR THE FIGHT. Excellente Tips f r Leute vom Fach Abzug f r die typische amerikanische Arroganz Restriktiv da auch andere es lesen, die es gegen Rechtsstaaten verwenden. Manchmal darf s auch ein martialischer Kalenderspruch sein wie Failure is not an Option Trotzdem halte ich das Buch f r gut n tzlich Zielgruppe ist eindeutig die bewaffnete Exekutive, die hier von jemandem unterrichtet wird, der tats chlich und dies mit allen Konsequenzen gek mpft hat Die solcherma en gewonnenen Erfahrungen werden schn rkellos und dadurch umso authentischer berichtet, analysiert und auf den Punkt gebracht Von hierzulande alleweil ausge bten Positiv Sprechs und Wortwolken, bei denen man andauernd zwischen den Zeilen lesen mu , um die Botschaft zu erfassen, ist diese Fibel wohltuend weit entfernt. I bought this, because I was aware of Mr Howe s reputation and his performance in Somalia I expected a first hand account of his combat experience and some hints on effective leadership I am a German Light Infantry officer, so I hoped to get another view on practical leadership.The book was even useful to me, than I expected Beside small, specific combat proven details for my own toolbox, it is a very well structured and admirable written piece Mr Howe, you are asking yourself in the beginning if you even have the skills to write Let me assure you you did excellent Through my academic studies I have a developed skills to write structured texts This one is a very good combination of an easy readable writing style and highly useful conclusions It is a must read for every military leader, from team leader to general, and extremely useful for officers to develop their character.Mr Howe, I owe you one. This book is hard to put down It is chock full of practical strategies and tactics for a fighting mindset in business and in life MSgt Howe speaks from direct action experience in plain English with no pretense If you manage people, you need to read this book If you carry a handgun for self defense, you need to read this book Follow up and follow through by taking a tactical pistol operator course at his reknown CSAT in Nacogdoches Texas Get after it and get some for yourself your life may depend on it. Being in Law Enforcement and a Firearms and Tactics Instructor for 20 years, the book provides good concepts and informative ideas However, about half way through the book it starts to drag a little Recommended read for any person especially in law enforcement, military, as an instructor but there are better books out there on said topic. While the examples and explanations are very military specific, anyone interested in the lessons of war and the military in general will get a lot out of this book Each chapter starts with a personal story These are riveting and really show us non military how much we have to be grateful for Then the leadership lessons gleaned from the stories are discussed These can be applied to many aspects of our lives, though it takes a bit of imagination in some instances to understand how to fit this into non combat I for one will reread this book now and then to mine its wealth of information and experience. Whether you are in the military or in the law enforcement field this is a book you will want to read One of the many things that make this book a must read is that it is written by someone who has real life experience in the military and in the law enforcement field The advice given in the twelve chapters are practical and effective They have been field tested by someone who served in the U.S Army for than 20 years Ten of which he served in Special Operations Each chapter begins with an example of a real life experience of the author and he then explains in detail the specific lesson of the chapter.The chapters include the following Accelerating the Loop, The Combat Mind set, Individual Leadership, Selection of leaders, Team Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Combat Leadership, Training for the fight, Leadership Planning, Teaching Leadership, Counseling and Mentorship and Realities of combat and tactical tips.The author is not afraid to criticize what he regards as poor leadership qualities The writing is clear and concise This book is based upon practical experience and training in the field as well as in the class room In this respect it does not embrace academic theory but rather real life battle experience.In conclusion, this is a book that will be of interest to anyone in the military and law enforcement fields Law Enforcement and military instructors will especially benefit from the information in this book.Rating 5 Stars Joseph J Truncale Author Predator Hunter A warrior s memoir Inhaltlich exzellentes Buch Ich lese es zur Vorbereitung f r eine Karriere als Offizier bei der BW Zwei Sterne Abzug, am liebsten noch mehr, f r den arroganten American Exceptionalism Sprech und die fast kindische Herabw rdigung nicht nur des Feindes, sondern generell von Nichtamerikanern Besonders MENA Bewohner Das geh rt sich einfach nicht und von einem Master Sergeant erwarte ich keine Hybris, sondern die F higkeit ber seinem Ego und seinen Emotionen zu stehen Clausewitz und Sun Tze wussten noch was Anstand ist `Book ☛ Leadership and Training for the Fight: Using Special Operations Principles to Succeed in Law Enforcement, Business, and War (English Edition) ⇻ Ideal For Fans Of Dave Grossman, Paul Howe, George Thompson, And Other Authors Of Police BooksA Brilliant Military Intelligence Book That Shares Leadership And Training For The FightIncludes Riveting Stories Of Military OperationsIn Leadership And Training For The Fight, MSG Paul R Howe, US Army Retired, Shares His Thoughts On Leadership That He Has Developed Through Extensive Combat Experience Howe Analyzes Leadership Concepts He Also Provides Advice On How To Understand Students And To Change Your Teaching Methods This Military And Leadership Training Book Is Based On Howes Unique Insight As A Special Operations Soldier Leadership And Training For The Fight Is The Perfect Guide For Anyone Interested In Improving Their Leadership Skills, Whether In Military Or Civilian Situations