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top pour tous les anglophones qui veulent faire leur kayak en bois, kayak performants et superbesplans inclus cotes pour les dessiner je l ai traduit et vais faire mon kayak grace a ce livreet je suis pas le premier With all the rave reviews already stated, I add my own.Mr Schade will break your heart in the very introduction of the book at this moment you will come to understand the true dedication of this author to his craft and love for his wife Then there is a descent into the inner secrets of this craft that he loves As an accomplished gymnast, he will certainly make this kayak building appear easy, almost too easy, and yet the details are in place to convince you that, yes, you can do it yourself.You have to pinch yourself to bring yourself back to the reality that you will spend many hours building this kayak, that it will cost you quite a bit, and that the process is not as easy as it looks Then stop pinching yourself and start planning the reality is that you can do it There are a few gaps in the details that I had to think my way through, but none of these gaps are intentional In fact, these opportunities are exciting than aggravating.This is not the only good resource available for learning the strip building technique I am already modifying Mr Schade s designs to include elements provided elsewhere, as he would even encourage himself On the other hand, this book is all you need to make a great kayak, and the information in this book is superior to anything that I have seen elsewhere.I would recommend this book even to those who never plan on building a kayak if for no other reason than to appreciate this fine art of shipbuilding. Bought Nick s plans as well as the book and made a great kayak I have significant woodworking skills, experience and equipment Your success will depend on your experience and skills Most of the instructions are fairly clear However I had never done the epoxy and fiberglass work before and found that having access to his on line discussion group was extremely valuable as well as his You tube videos Some processes he demonstrates in the videos have evolved from how he does it in the book he does not address the use of bungee cords on the kayak surface very well and doesn t deal with fiberglass tunnels There are a few areas which are confusing, but the on line resources and community help It is surprising but there are apparently quite a number of people out there who make wooden boats either for a living or who make many of these and have been doing it a long time, so they can teach you a lot I found this especially true in the section on making a paddle Not sure if you get this access just from buying the book or you have to buy the plans as well. Awesome read I feel confident to start, and Ireally understand the process now I recommend supplementing with Nick s YouTube channel When I start building I m going to order complete plans from the website, even though you can technically use the ones in the book I figure for the time and investment I ll have into this, and since it s my first one, that is a necessary expense to have some reassurance.I m a beginning woodworker with a modest tool collection The book only recommends a few critical tools, of which I ll be purchasing higher quality options I feel like the build will be slow and detailed, but the book makes it seem very doable and rewarding Check out some wooden kayak pictures online to get the juices flowing It s obvious that Nick Schade is a real builder I have 2 of his books He shows clearly, without ego how he gets it done If you really want to do the work and get the rewards of having a one of a kind boat read his books first Save yourself work and trouble Get a great result the first try If you have some woodworking experience and tools you can build a beautiful boat from just this book and your own raw materials If you don t you can get full size drawing, pre made strips, even forms from the links in the book Then it can be done with a hand plane, stapler, knife, and sandpaper in a apartment if you have to. very informative book if youre thinking of building a kayak buy this you wont regret it it has many techniques that can be applied to other strip built projects canoes, particleboards, whatever you can think of |READ EPUB ☭ The Strip-Built Sea Kayak: Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build (English Edition) ♵ Although Books On Strip Building Canoes Abound, This Is Among The First To Adapt The Technique To Crafting Attractive, Functional Kayaks Using High Quality, Computer Generated Illustrations And Photographs To Explain Key Techniques, The Book Provides Complete Plans And Measurements For Three Different Kayaks A Simple Solo Craft For Beginners, A High Performance Solo Kayak For Intermediate Paddlers, And A Tandem Design For Two Paddlers With Its Easy To Follow Guidance And Instructions, The Strip Built Sea Kayak Makes Top Notch Kayaks Accessible To Budget Minded Paddlers