DOWNLOAD EPUB ☧ Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia: Remission? ♢

DOWNLOAD EPUB ♷ Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia: Remission? ☨ WE HAVE AN AMAZING BODY Bone Marrow Makes Red Blood Cells At A Rate Of Million Per Second That Is What I Said Million Per Second Red Blood Cells, Most White Blood Cells, And Platelets Are Produced In The Bone Marrow, The Soft Fatty Tissue Inside The Bone Cavities Picture The Marrow As A Blood Cell Producer During Production, Blood Stem Cells In The Bone Marrow Are Programmed To Produce Different Types Of BloodRed Blood Cells Carry Oxygen Through The Circulatory System To All Our Cells Platelets Coagulate Our Blood To Stop Bleeding White Blood Cells Keep Us Healthy By Fighting Off Infections And VirusesSometimes The Production Line Has A Glitch Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia Begins When The White Blood Cells Are Over Produced The Over Crowding Causes Mutations In The Shape And Changes The Ability Of The White Blood Cells To Do Their Job BUT WE MAY HAVE CONTROL We Can Control Our Environment, What We Eat, Drink, And Breathe Changing Our Environment Is Showing Some Success In Controlling And In Some Cases Curing CLL Our Amazing Body Does The Rest