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This book is an excellent resource for beginners and anyone even CONSIDERING a saltwater tank It was recommended to me by an employee at a local pet store that sells supplies fish rock for saltwater tanks He could tell I was a newbie despite having a saltwater tank when I was much younger and a little confused by all the options and complexities He mentioned that this book would save me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars because it would help me avoid some of the most common mistakes a beginner makes And I have to say, he was absolutely right After reading the first few chapters of this book, which I found to be informative and fascinating, I quickly realized I was in way over my head, and I couldn t devote the time necessary to create and maintain a thriving, healthy environment In addition, although I knew that this was not a cheap hobby, I don t think I fully appreciated how expensive it was really going to be, and how much time, effort and money was going to be required, before I read this book.I like to think of this book as the Scared Straight edition of So You Want to Have a Pretty Saltwater Tank with Lots of Pretty Fishies, Coral and Sea Horses Although I ultimately decided not to go down the path of setting up a saltwater tank, had I decided to go through with it, I know the second half of this book would have been invaluable, too. Extremely well written and thorough Mr Fenner has created a exemplary aquarium hobbyist book that sets the bar for quality in the industry He expresses his considered and experienced opinion, but also gives a nod to those with differing views The book is very informative on all aspects of Marine Aquarium involvement from industry practices to the nuts and bolts of aquarium function and maintenance, to species characteristics and care needs Where the information ends in the book, Mr Fenner offers an extensive bibliography to continue one s investigations, should one need to go any further If I were to have any critique of the book, I would wish for species photos to be included However, this would perhaps make the volume a bit unwieldy in size, and there are many existent books that provide this identification function, which could be paired with this volume s informative discussions of various groups and species This book is a serious contender for best Marine Aquarist Book Thank you Mr Fenner This book is a great starter book for people just getting into marine aquariums The author takes great detail to explain about the need to create, maintain and keep a salt water aquarium The chapters go into detail about every aspect of the hobby from setting up a system, to lights, fish, waste management, etc He also tries to make the reader feel responsible to do what is needed to keep a marine reef ecology I felt like I was signing an agreement to do my best for the fish and the coral I will grow in my marine aquarium system I liked this book and would recommend it to anyone even thinking of starting up a salt water tank It s very detailed and conscientious I no longer think of fish the same Super resource, should be in your marine library.There are some omissions for today s newer equipment , and details about dated methods which aren treally done much any At any rate there is a wealth of good information and while no single book isperfect, this will help your efforts. A must have for any aquarist There is too much amateur advice in online forums that conflict with each other This is a book from experts with many years of experience that provide wavetop to in depth information in all aspects of this challenging hobby Great resource {Free Epub} á The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists î A Bestseller Since It First Published In , This Book Is One Of The Best Respected, Time Tested, Hands On Marine Aquarium Books Ever Published Now Completely Updated From Cover To Cover With Brand New Text, A Fresh Design, And Updated Photography, The Conscientious Marine Aquarist Is The Essential Book For All New, Intermediate, And Serious Marine Aquarium Keepers In A Must Have New Edition This Indispensable Guide Spotlights Scientific Research Performed By Leading Authorities That Deals With Various Aspects Of Biology, Ecology, Systematics, And Conservation This Wealth Of Information Couples With Captive Care Techniques Of Nationally Recognised Aquarists And Fascinating, Never Before Seen Photos For Hands On Marine Aquarists Of Any Experience Level Who Seek A Comprehensive And Up To Date Resource That Helps Ensure Success In The Hobby, This Is The Best Book Available