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do be warned that it seems to be an amalgamation of the RSN s other books I already own one and was a bit surprised to find the material from that book replicated in my purchase.Since I was looking for a book that gave me detailed instructions on a number of different methods of embroidery plus information on the equipment I might require this book has proved very useful The book does have an aged feel to it and if you are looking for something contemporary this is probably not the book for you However, if you enjoy a traditional approach then this hits the spot. un livre vraiment super En tr sor Very disappointed with this book indeed.As a coffee table book it is very pretty to thumb through whilst having a little cuppa but as a workbook or stitch guide it really didn t hit the mark for me.There are no projects to make as such just a bit of explanation on how the author made a piece of embroidery There are a few examples pictures of some completed embroideries.The crewel section isn t too bad although the instructions for the stitches could be better, line diagrams show much better than actual photographs of wool being worked.The most disappointing section for me is the blackwork Blackwork stitches are themselves easy being running stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, and a version of satin stitch However, the filling patterns are not easy to construct and there was or less zero instruction on this stitch order for blackwork isn t intuitive The pictures of completed blackwork pieces show what can be done with skillful arrangement of patterns. Having all these techniques together in 1 book is brilliant As a RSN Certificate student I will be able to cross reference techniques and stitches all within one book This book is a teaching aid a reference book is suitable for anyone who might have an interest in embroidery or none, but have just picked up the book out of curiosity. On first flicking through this book it looked great it s a thick book which mainly focuses on stitches and techniques and has some info on materials and just a little bit of history not too much I wouldn t describe anything in it as a project as such I think the subtitle is very misleading there but I didn t want projects so I was happy with that.However, once I started trying to follow instructions to learn new stitches and techniques I realised that they are not clearly written, in my opinion, and I am frequently left feeling confused And although the photos are a big enough size, the stitches tend to be quite small in the middle and surrounded by lots of fabric, so you can t see the stitches very clearly see photo for an example they need to be zoomed in much After struggling with things in this book I keep having to look them up online to find some clearer instructions So I am left wondering whether this book is any use to me or whether I need to replace it. This is a great and informative book for embroidery lovers There is a good section on how to use frames, and finally framing your work that I found useful With information of different types of embroidery, stitches with instructions, it also has historical information which is really interesting to read about.There are some lovely examples of the embroidery types which gives much inspiration and ideas for projects of your own. Tr s complet et tr s int ressant. ^READ EBOOK ⇹ The Royal School of Needlework Book of Embroidery: A Guide To Essential Stitches, Techniques And Projects ↬ A Rich Source Of Embroidery Stitches, Techniques And Projects From The Royal School Of NeedleworkNew From The World Renowned Royal School Of Needlework, This Beautiful Book Is A Rich Source Of Embroidery Techniques, Stitches And Projects, Covering Eight Key Subjects In Detail Crewelwork, Bead Embroidery, Stumpwork, Canvaswork, Goldwork, Whitework, Blackwork And Silk Shading Containing All The Trusted, Bestselling Content From The RSN Essential Stitch Guide Series, Plus A New Section On Mounting Your Finished Work, This Fantastic Book Is A Must Have For All Embroiderers Fully Redesigned And Integrated, The Original Eight Titles Have Been Given A New Lease Of Life In This Larger Format