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This book is an easy read Each story draws you in I learned a lot about the history of women in running Well written and very motivational I ordered extra copies to give as gifts to my female athlete friends. [Read Epub] ♭ First Ladies of Running: 22 Inspiring Profiles of the Rebels, Rule Breakers, and Visionaries Who Changed the Sport Forever ☩ Today, Millions Of Women And Girls Around The World Enjoy Running And Entering Races It Wasnt Always So In , When Julia Chase Edged To The Start Of A Connecticut Miler, Officials Tried To Push Her Off The Road At The Boston Marathon, Roberta Gibb Hid Behind A Forsythia Bush, Worried That Police Might Arrest Her The Next Year At Boston, Kathrine Switzer Was Assaulted Mid Race By A Furious Race Organizer In The Mid S, Indianapolis High Schooler Cheryl Bridges Was Told Not To Run Anywhere Near The Boys Track Team Because She Might Distract Them When Charlotte Lettis Signed Up For The University Of Massachusetts Cross Country Team In The Fall Of , She Was Told To Use The Mens Locker Room A Few Years Later In Coastal Maine, Young Joan Benoit Would Stop Her Workouts To Pretend She Was Picking Roadside Flowers, Embarrassed That Her Neighbors Might Spot Her Running First Ladies Of Running Tells The Inspiring Stories Of These And Other Fiercely Independent Runners Who Refused To Give Up Despite The Cultural And Sports Barriers They Faced Legends Such As Doris Brown, Francie Larrieu, Mary Decker, Jackie Hansen, Miki Gorman, And Grete Waitz Are Chronicled By Runners World Editor Amby Burfoot Burfoot Even Runs The Marine Corps Marathon With Oprah Winfrey, Whose Successful Finish Opened The Floodgates For Other Women Runners First Ladies Of Running Is A Beautiful And Long Overdue Tribute To The Pioneers Of Womens Running, And A Gift Of Empowerment For Female Runners Everywhere This is a really interesting book highlighting women who changed the sport of running For years, it was believed that distance running would permanently injure women These women broke the mold by taking on Boston and other road races to prove that women can definitely go the distance. I was going to wait until I finished this amazing book before I wrote this, but I want others to enjoy it while I am doing so Amby has captured such an important part of our history It s not just about running, it s about the pursuit of something bigger than yourself, it s about finding peace of mind and friendship I am not a runner, but so appreciate these precious vignettes of ladies that came from all walks of life with the common theme of running that eventually brought them together Having personally met many of them at the recent Boston Marathon, the oral histories were so powerful and inspiring Globally and in the US, these profiles stand on their own and Amby s intimate knowledge having run with many of these women makes it ever so personal He is a champion of running, of history, of women, and a great writer and lovely human being I hope everyone reads his book. Today, when millions of women are out running races from 5Ks to marathons and even farther , it can be hard to remember what it was like, not very long ago, when women weren t allowed to run any farther than 800 meters in competition Luckily, most of the pioneering women from the 60s and 70s who proved conventional wisdom wrong are still with us, and Amby Burfoot has brought their stories together in a book that s inspiration for runners of all genders, and for any people of any gender who might want to try something in defiance of limits that other people might want to put on them.