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There is a big confusion in VB developer community regarding the relationship between COM and COM Books like this one have made the situation even worse Like John Muller s Visual Basic 6 COM Programming Bible, this book failed to address the fundamental COM features COM is not just merely a renaming from MTS but rather a complete set of new system services collectively known as Component Services, including enhanced Transaction Services, Compensating Resource Manager, Queued Components, Lousely Coupled Events, etc Simply install a regular COM component in a COM application won t do anything better than installing it into a MTS package Authors and or publishers should be responsible for the contents of their publications.The following are some good VB COM titles that I would recommend 1 Scot Hillier s COM Programming with Visual Basic this book covers both core COM services and high level Windows DNA architecture for developing distributed enterprise applications.2 Peishu Li s Visual Basic and COM Programming By Example this book is probably the best VB COM programming title available today It covers all the important COM services in the context of VB sample code with detailed explanations Although marked as for Beginner to Immediate, this book really suites the needs for VB developers of all levels. [[ Free Book ]] ⇰ COMProgramming with Visual Basic ⇸ Book By Mojica Jose After having read and used Scott Hillier s COM book for the last year, I ve finally found the perfect book to explain the parts Scott skipped As the preface says, if you are not interested in HOW COM works, then get another book If you are looking for cookie cutter code, get another book This book explains in good detail how COM and COM and MTS for that matter works internally It points out many mistakes VB programmers make in working with COM , why they are made and how to overcome them And it is very easy to read, especially if you are moderately familiar with the topics I just got the book last night and I already love it.O Reilly does it again