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I ve never had any interest in SEO whatsoever and only utilized paid advertisement for my small online niche business over the past three years.Sometime last year I made the decision to start writing blog content as a way to bolster my paid advertising When a prospect visited my website, it couldn t hurt to have a few helpful pieces of content there, right Now here s where things got interesting I monitor my growing email list and every week, sure enough, there were organic leads After two months of this, I finally shut down all my paid advertisement It simply wasn t necessary.Then a light bulb went off in my head this had been happening because my page was ranking on google for some of the content I was writing.Trust me, my page was as far from Search Engine Optimized as you could get, but I was getting results I wondered to myself, what might happen if I took this SEO thing seriously What if I optimized I took the risk of getting Coombe s book Not based on monetary risk, but the risk required to spend my time reading through what I suspected would just be a semi helpful common sense and dreary guide It was anything but.The Coombes writing is engaging, clean, and easy to read There s little fluff, and his perspective on SEO is accessible As far as the content, it provides an actionably game plan to increase the likelihood that Google will highly your business.Best yet, the author goes above and beyond with his the personal touches included such as a full length video course, and many remarks to email him for anything Curious, I sent a message to him and was pleasantly surprised to receive a warm and prompt reply Great Couldn t recommend the book enough. #READ E-PUB ⚞ 3 Months to No.1: The "No-Nonsense" SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google ⚤ What Can You Expect From This Book Learn The SEO Tactics That Saw One Airline Pilot Quit His Flying Career The Same Ones He Used To Build A Top SEO Agency In London Years And How You Too Can Leverage His Years Of Experience Getting Clients Websites To The Very Top Of GoogleHe May Have Hung Up His Wings, But Will S Years Of Experience Making Technical Jargon Easily Accessible To Anyone Who Entered His Cockpit Is Put To Good Use In Months To No Learn Take Action Get Results A Carefully Curated SEO Guide For OnwardsThis Book Doesn T Hold Secrets You Can T Find Scattered Throughout The Internet Instead, It Cuts Through The Noise And Guides You To The Ultimate Return On Time Investment For SEO It Tells You What To Focus On And When Months To Nofinally Gives You A Step By Step Playbook One With The Fresh And Down To Earth Approach Of Someone Who Came From No Background In SEO Or Digital Marketing At AllHow High Will Your Revenue Go In Weeks You Ll Discover Online Marketing Personal Advice For Your Business How To Uncover Money Making Keywords Configuring WordPress For SEO Success How To Nail The Technical Elements How To Win Links A Crash Course In Content Marketing Social Media Account Use Finally SEO If You Re A Local Business ECommerce SEO Inc Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce Google Penalty Diagnosis Avoidance Why It S Quicker To Go White Hat And Not Try To Cheat Google Grab A Copy Now You should see how many books I have about SEO and all of them are complete crap Now, I m not an expert on SEO like Will Coombe the author is but I ve somehow managed to make millions of dollars online using techniques and strategies that I ve developed and continued to alter with the ever changing internet marketing environment since 2006 2007 So, I know a little about online marketing to say the least but I m no techie expert by any stretch.But, as we all know, A LOT has changed, ESPECIALLY with Google And not only does Will directly acknowledge it including using some pretty good and visually accurate euphemisms when explaining Google before as a gullible infant whose lollipop could be stolen by anyone back 10 years to what they are now a giant sophisticated powerhouse like god in the clouds that cannot be fooled with by white , gray or black hat SEO tricks without the trickster feeling the full wrath of hell His visual descriptions are much better and articulate than mine but at least he doesn t breeze over this staggering difference in how Google operates then vs now like many other books do In fact, most other books try to make the marketer the one to blame for being stupid for not being flowingly flexible to the ever algorithm changes like we re all naturally supposed to figure all this stuff out every day as we roll out of bed in the morning Will even clearly states that even he doesn t know the secrets behind the algorithms of search engines and none of us ever will unless we work at Google in that department.The moment I started reading this book, I instantly knew it was way different than all the other clap trap that I ve read over the past several months I have a book stack the height of the Tower of Pisa in hack work from internet guru wannabes by the dozens who have the most B.S information about SEO strategiesfurther muddying the already blackened cesspool of information out there on this subject Not only does Will acknowledge this but explains the obvious reason why all this misinformation is out there to make people money on the reveal of the latest and greatest magic bullet secret to make tons of money online when all these hucksters actually sell are books, courses, seminars, programs, trainings, etc on yep, you guessed it making money online And that s how they make money onlineby claiming to be an expert who can help you make money online.And we all know there is no magic bullet for anything At least us SMART people know that.Listen, you don t know me from Adam I get that To be clear, I m not affiliated with the author in any way and if you click on my profile you ll see that I ve been a faithful customer for over a decade back when sold only booksremember those days giving scathingly honest reviews on my purchases over the years.The reason I m telling you this is because I want you to get this book And there s a reason for that In fact, get this book and skip all the rest You see, I only wish I had this book a year ago because it would have saved me of so much crappy information that just misled me into wrong directions, dead ends, and LOSS of money implementing what the wannabe guru hacks were outlining in their flimsy flapping in the breeze books And I don t want you to experience what I have in the past year trying to navigate the bloody waters of SEO and PPC marketing, especially with Google Otherwise, you risk filling your head with a bunch of dumb info that you somehow have to spill back out and forget which is sometimes difficult to do where s Neo when you need him so you can replace it with knowledge LIKE THIS BOOK OFFERSyou know, the stuff that ACTUALLY WORKS in today s SEO and PPC environment It s much better to start from a clean slate like maybe you are now than how I was amhaving to dump out misinformation FIRST before being able to absorb and implement all the amazing and incredible golden nuggets that Will Coombe has on EVERY PAGE of this book And his book is a pretty thick book tooNOT some cheesy booklet pamphlet that you ll get by many others on this subject matter Finally, Will Coombe doesn t leave you twisting in the wind either He offers online video tutorials for free by going to his website that he has listed every 5th page or so you d have to be blind to miss it This is especially for all of you non techie people who automatically freak out when somebody mentions SEO or anything remotely complicated sounding Will has you covered He shows you STEP BY STEP exactly what he is outlining in his book.And by the way, the strategies he outlines are relatively simple He is so articulate in how he simply and comprehensively outlines his exact steps, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination You would have had to have gotten a full frontal lobotomy to not be savvy enough to figure out his precise blueprint for your website s relatively quickly.GET THIS BOOK STOP BUYING OTHER SEO BOOKS Enough said I wish you many blessings for your upcoming prosperous online marketing campaign and all of your future business endeavors Take care I m updating this 11 months later because we just hit 1 on google in our market Our organic search numbers are five times what they were when I bought this book Do yourself a favor, don t hire a professional for thousands of dollars Buy this book, read it twice and work the plan You ll get a return on your investment of thousands of dollars per hour I kept putting off SEO because I knew I was hiring a web design firm to redevelop our website I told the team repeatedly that SEO was my primary goal, and I paid them 15,000 We ended up WORSE on SEO Like on page 7 of Google and that s with not a lot of serious competition Determined to do this myself, I ordered this book Read it cover to cover and dug in The first thing I discovered is that our competitor was betting 4700 organic search results per month to our 160 OUCH Then using the principles taught in this book I was able to figure out how many sales that was costing us per month I wanted to vomit Anyway After reading the book I spent maybe 10 hours on the plan for week 1 and 2 of the 12 week plan and we are ALREADY ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE I m blown away I ll update this as I continue to work the plan, but I have no doubt that Ill beat all of our competitors Mostly because of the book, but also because none of them have a clue about SEO Thank you for writing this Un excellent livre sur le SEO, sortant des sentiers battus et parfois contre courant de quelques id es re ues que l on trouve sur les forums sp cialis s pas toujours tr s actualis L auteur donne ici une m thode appliquer pas pas. So far so good it looks to have most of what I need covered in a very clear way The perfect start to ensure I ve got my site in great shape.