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Absolutely sickening @DOWNLOAD E-PUB Ú Transphobia: Deal with it and be a gender transcender ß Who Do You Think You Are Part Of Identity Is How People Experience Their Gender Transphobia Is Intolerance Of Any Part Of The Range Of Gender Identity This Accessible, Illustrated Book Offers Information, Quizzes, Comics And True To Life Scenarios To Help Kids Better Understand Gender Identity And Determine What They Can Do To Identify And Counter Transphobia In Their Schools, Homes And Communities Considered From The Viewpoint Of Gender Challengers, Gender Enforcers And Witnesses, Transphobic Behavior Is Identified, Examined And Put Into A Context That Kids Can Use To Understand And Accept Themselves And Others For Whatever Gender They Are Even If That S No Gender At All Just as terrible as teaching flat earth or creationism Poor kids. Can t wait to get this in the mail It ll be a help in teaching my children about tolerance and that it s okay if they are this way or that It s a hard thing to teach when you yourself don t have to go through it and understand it My children will be better people for this. Transphobia Deal with It and Be a Gender Transcender by J Wallace Skelton is a short book but full of much needed info, unfortunately This book is made for middle school and up It starts by letting the reader know what trans gender is and what it isn t then what the transphobia is There are multiple examples of transphobia behavior, those blatant and those subtle that seem harmless The book gives quizzes then discusses the section at the end Myths are also discussed The book is great for those that are trans and those that are not This book gives info so all can be educated and safe Great pictures to bring home the point Thanks NetGalley for allowing me to read this book.