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@Read Epub á A Fly Rod of Your Own ⚡ John Gierach, The Voice Of The Common Angler The Wall Street Journal And Member Of The Fly Fishing Hall Of Fame, Brings His Sharp Sense Of Humor And Keen Eye For Observation To The Fishing Life And, For That Matter, Life In GeneralJohn Gierach Is Known For His Witty, Trenchant Observations About Fly Fishing In A Fly Rod Of Your Own, Gierach Once Again Takes Us Into His World And Scrutinizes The Art Of Fly Fishing He Travels To Remote Fishing Locations Where The Airport Is Not Much Bigger Than A Garage And A Flight Might Be Held Up Because A Passenger Is Running Late He Sings The Praises Of The Skilled Pilots Who Fly To Remote Fishing Lodges In Tricky Locations And Bad Weather He Explains Why Even The Most Veteran Fisherman Seems To Muff His Cast Whenever Hes Being Filmed Or Photographed He Describes The All But Impassable Roads That Fishermen Always Seem To Encounter At The Best Fishing Spots And Why Fishermen Discuss Four Wheel Drive Vehicles Almost As Passionately And Frequently As They Discuss Fly Rods And Flies And While Hes On That Subject, He Explains Why Even The Most Conscientious Fisherman Always Seems To Accumulate Rods And Flies Than He Could Ever Need As Gierach Says, Fly Fishing Is A Continuous Process That You Learn To Love For Its Own Sake Those Who Fish Already Get It, And Those Who Dont Couldnt Care Less, So Dont Waste Your Breath On Someone Who Doesnt Fish From Alaska To The Rockies And Across The Continent To Maine And The Canadian Maritimes, A Fly Rod Of Your Own Is An Ode To Those Who Fishand They Will Get It It s been a while since I have enjoyed a good read The familiar happy blend of raconteur, philosopher and humourist I know JG and I are much of an age and if his joints are seizing up like mine I worry about how much longer he can keep on the trail and turning up new material Perish the thought that one day I ll be ordering my last Gierach book.As someone who habitually carries far too many flies his observation Lee Wulff once said, The last thing you should do is change your fly which is good advice that s easier to follow when you don t have 500 flies to choose from struck a particular chord with me. After fishing the best thing to do is reading Gierach s books, allways a treat Good tales.