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I ve been looking for a solid menopause book for too long with no luck This book is THE menopause handbook It s easy to understand and well organized so you can find whatever you are trying to figure out It goes against what many doctors recommend but it makes so much sense It will win you over if you need solid information to make your menopause decisions Every woman should know Barbara Taylor I finally got my book yesterday and read it well past my normal bedtime I have insomnia but was so excited I could not help it It was worth it I almost brought the book into work today but decided I should use a little discipline and save this for homethough I am writing this review at work.I am watching started over from 1 the tutorials in order and look forward to each and every one Dr Barbie advises this process of learning and she is 100% right Much to my amazement Dr Barbie wrote me back on You tube when I commented and thanked her for all she is doing for us ladies I feel confident informed educated and comfortable already This book and all she has to offer via video and other medium are priceless I was truly down and out with all these crazy symptoms and now I feel as if I can really manage the rest of my life and my menopause my way for me thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr Barbie and I hope someday to attend a seminar it is my dream to meet you and thank you in person.Do yourself a favor and buy this book PRONTO I am buying one for a dear friend today P.S I also read the Honey I m Home book about Barbie and George s love affair and marriage a gem Loved it Repetitive, a lot of filler I think there is some good information about your period If you re in puberty.Was written over 10y ago not update on somethingsPros easy read larger print.Would not recomend. This author really is extremely thorough You have every bit of information given to you to make a good decision on how to best handle menopause and how to discuss it with your doctor Dr Barbie is brilliant And an excellent teacher There are other menopause authorities but they have mostly sold out.Dr Barbie is a truth teller and anything you need to know about menopause plus a lot of information you did not know you needed is in the book.In addition she has a free youtube series called Menopause Barbie.It is so good my hubby watches with me as well as his brother and a few other men for the nutrition advice.If you are menopausal, you desperately this book If you are peri menopausal you need this book to prepare you for what is coming In fact all women need to read this as well as all GYN s.There is a conspiracy of silence surrounding menopause All people talk about are hot flashes.I have been in menopause for 4 years and never even had one hot flash HOT FLASHES are over rated You can die of a heart attack or Alzheimers or have a fracture just like I did just from being in menopause Hip fractures can lead to death It is al brought on by menopause.You need to arm yourself with this education so you will be prepared and not fall victim to the diseases of menopause.This book is so good I bought it for my doctor ^DOWNLOAD EPUB ✐ Menopause: Your Management Your Way ... Now and for the Rest of Your Life ↙ Yours Is Not Your Mother S Menopause She Did Whatever Her Doctor Told Her To Do Or Nothing At All You Re A New Breed Of Woman And You Re Not Willing To Settle For That This Is The Book For You You Want All The Information And All The Options, Along With Guidance In Tailoring Them To Your Personal Needs And Preferences And You Shall Have It Whether You Prefer Conventional Or Alternative And Complementary Medicine, This Book Empowers You To Manage Your Menopause Your Way It Presents The Complete Range Of Options, Including Diet And Lifestyle, Vitamins And Minerals, Herbs And Botanicals, Acupuncture, And Hypnosis, As Well As Hormonal And Non Hormonal Medications, For Managing Your Menopause You Re Unique You Know Yourself Better Than Anyone Else Does You Ve Got What It Takes To Make Your Own Choices