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I could ve used this way better, but it is definitely good for rounding out what you learn in class vs what s on the AP test My son said this really helped him to study for his AP test this year He s in 10th grade He said he really liked the practice tests I will definitely purchase of these study guides, love the CD ROM extra study. [Download] ⚈ Barron's AP Environmental Science ⚕ This Best Selling AP Environmental Science Study Guide Includes A New Diagnostic Test To Pinpoint The Test Takers Strengths And Weak AreasTwo Full Length Practice Exams With All Questions Answered And ExplainedA Detailed Review Of All Test Topics, With Practice Questions And AnswersAn Overview Of The Test Plus Helpful Test Taking StrategiesHundreds Of Diagrams And IllustrationsThe Book Can Be Purchased Alone Or With An Optional CD ROM That Presents Two Additional Full Length Practice Tests With Answers And Automatic Scoring BONUS ONLINE PRACTICE TEST Students Who Purchase This Book Or Package Will Also Get FREE Access To One Additional Full Length Online AP Environmental Science Test With All Questions Answered And Explained My son found this very helpful He has utilized many of the Baron s study books This box helps a LOT on AP Environmental Science Really recommend this book I use this very day in class. A ton of misspelled words and wrong answers Some have the same answer choice twice Very irritating, especially when studying for a major exam. Helps you study i love ap environmental science I used this book and got a 4 on my ap exam It had everything about anything on the topic which is why I did not like the book too much It had too many specifics on each topic which made it take too too long to study the material but it still was helpful at times To make this book worth of your time, I suggest to buy this book early in the school year and use it to study for each of your tests There are also practice questions after each section that are very useful. Great book Could easily be used to teach this course inside of a classroom However I find it is actually detailed then the actual test will be The practice tests as far as multiple choice are great, however I would advise getting short answer practice off of the College Board Website.