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book covers theory of aerodynamics, materials of construction, propellers, power systems, and some stability This is too much to present in one book Most of the topics deal lightly with design guides and concentrate on broad brush theory A better title would be something like Summary of Design Theory for Model Airplanes. #BOOK À RCadvisor's Model Airplane Design Made Easy: The Simple Guide to Designing R/C Model Aircraft or Build Your Own Radio Control Flying Model Plane õ Build And Fly Your Very Own Model Airplane Design Using Clear Explanations, You Will Learn About Important Design Trade Offs And How To Choose Among Them The Latest Research And Techniques Are Discussed Using Easy To Understand Language You Will Discover The Special Challenges Faced By The Smaller Models And How To Overcome Them How To Choose The Right Material For Each Part Of The Airplane Easy Rules For Selecting The Right Power System, Gas Or Electric When It Makes Sense To Use One Of The Innovative KFm Airfoils Pros And Cons Of Canard And Multi Wing Configurations A Step By Step Design Process That Includes Goal Setting And Flight Testing In Depth Discussions Of Important Topics Like Airfoils And Wing Design The Sources Of Air Drag And How To Minimize Their Impact ADVANCE PRAISE This Book Is A Joy To Read The Writing Style And Wit Add Dimension In A Way That Is Rarely Found In Today S Reference Materials If Someone Has Considered Designing Their Own Airplane And Been Put Off Because Of Complicated Formulas, Vocabulary And Reference Style That Would Bore Even An Engineer, This Will Convince Them To Go Ahead And Try It Written With Real People In Mind And Not Engineers And I Mean That In A Good Way This Is A Book That Will Reside Along The Other Favorites On My Bookshelf Carlos Really Managed To Produce A Book That Will Last A Long Time And Become One Of The Standards For Modelers Greg Gimlick, Electrics Columnist, Model Aviation Magazine RCAdvisor S Model Airplane Design Made Easy Is The Ultimate Model Airplane Design Book For Both Beginning And Experienced Modelers Richard Kline, Inventor, KFm Airfoils RCadvisor S Model Airplane Design Made Easy Is A Real Contribution To The World S Literature On The Subject It Provides An Excellent Bridge Between Full Scale Aviation And Aeromodeling, Showing The Relationship Between The Two, For Better Understanding Of The Differences And Similarities Which Should Be Applied For Good Model Performance While Thorough In Detail, The Book Is Also Easily Readable So That The Information Is Simple To Understand It Is A Very Good Combination Of Theory And Practical Application Nicely Illustrated, The Book Is Also Full Of Common Sense Explanations And References To Other Sources Of Information John Worth, Former President And Executive Director Of The AMA Carlos Reyes Personably Leads The Reader Through Some Basic Aerodynamics, Materials Considerations, Electric Power System Planning And A Practical Application Of Theory As It Is Applied To A Finished Flying Model The Background History Of Various Types Of Aircraft Shows The Development Of Aviation And How It Relates To The Models That We Build And Fly Today, As Well As How Models Have Influenced General Aviation It Is Always Exciting To Find Some New To Me Concepts And Theories, And There Were Several In This Well Written Narrative Ken Myers, Editor, Ampeer Electric Flight Newsletter No Matter How Long You Ve Been Aeromodelling, Or What Your Interests Are In Our Great Hobby, The Greatest Thrill Of All Is Standing Behind A Unique Model That You Ve Designed And Built Yourself, From A Blank Sheet Of Paper Or Even A Blank CAD File And Preparing To Make That First Take Off So Sit Yourself Down In A Comfy Chair, Read RCadvisor S Model Airplane Design Made Easy And Set Off On Aeromodelling S Greatest Adventure Let Carlos Reyes An Aeromodeller Of Long Standing And Great Talent Take You Through The Mysteries Of How To Arrive At The Point That Every Lover Of Model Aircraft Should Experience Dereck Woodward, Aeromodeller, Designer And Magazine Writer For The Past Fifty YearsCarlos Reyes Founded RCadvisor In He S Had A Life Long Love Affair With Aviation, Building And Flying Model Airplanes Since Childhood He Holds A Private Pilot Glider License And Is The Vice President Of His Local Model Airplane Club This book is outwardly deceptive to the enormous amount of useful content within the pages especially if you re new to the sport of RC It s easy to understand and almost like someone mentoring you over coffee around the kitchen table Its a valuable addition to my growing collection of related books. Over the years I ve accumulated most of the books on Model Aircraft design from Frank Zaic s 1987 edn of Circular Airflow to the latest version of Martin Simon s Model Aircraft Aerodynamics This one joins the list of the very few like those two and the somewhat brain testing but excellent stuff by Ferdinando Gale that get top marks Having long ago trained as an Engineer I have a soft spot for numbers that are useful and Carlos has brought off that very difficult task writing about quantitative things that are complex with just the right amount of numbers and formulae Any modeller with the most basic math think multiplying and dividing and fractions could follow his descriptions which are deceptively simple and easy This book is for non experts because it is a great read, easily accessible and welcoming but make no mistake this is an expert book by an expert Carlos has a rare ability to distill in personable and direct prose some very important stuff And it s not just classical aerodynamics He covers a huge range of topics from airfoils to adhesives, particularly some that get little attention elsewhere like propeller performance, in a friendly format by focusing on the key information His explanation of lift is a classic example Just 3 short elegant paragraphs covers the essence of the Bernoulli explanation with a fourth noting that there is an alternative For practical modelers his It is not a bad way of looking at the phenomenon, but it is less useful when doing computations than the pressure differential explanation beats the many pages of circulation theory and bound vortices others labor over I can t recommend this book highly enough Think of it as the Cognac of Model Aerodynamic texts Instantly accessible without years of experience in fine wine tasting but with enormous depth and content An extra point for recognizing that not everyone lives in the US and metric units are important too It s an absolute bargain at the price. I read this book as soon as I got it First, let me say that overall, the book is well written and my time reading it was not wasted It provides a basic background in aerodynamics Yet, the title of the book states that it deals with designing your own model airplane This is extremely misleading in that there is nothing that talks about actual aircraft design or elements of the plane such as wing shape, lengths, widths of tail feathers, location, cg There is nothing that tells you how to begin designing an aircraft from scratch, armed with only a pencil, ruler, paper and an idea This is very infortunate because I like the writing style of the author and I believe that if he had discussed putting together different design elements, the book would be stellar As is, the book talks about all the elements affecting the plane, but not about the plane itself If I knew this before I bought the book, I would not have bought it Therefore, I give three stars for how well written the book is and how easy it is to understand, but I would only give it one star for actual aircraft design techniques. I d always though about what a drone or model would look like, how to make it seem cool and sexy to me, but never really had much of an idea as to how to properly think about designing an airframe, wing, or control surfaces, etc But as I approached trying to design my own drone for fun I really wanted to understand or at least have a clue ahead of time how it might behave, what factors I might consider beyond how much the electronics, motors, and servo s and battery weigh.Too, I have some specific capabilities in mind My aim is to create a drone that get s quickly to a location in my garden and essentially attempts to spook deer that are totally indifferent to scarecrows, random sounds, light s etc The deer love my blue berry s some vegetables as much as I do.To me the book has really changed how I go about thinking and designing something like this.It won t and doesn t claim to show you every detail, nor go deeply into the math, but it sure as hell gives one plenty to think about and work with and honestly probably just enough to create a rough but successful design I ll have to update when I have protoyped my anti deer drone based on what I think I have learned from the book.I also liked that te book wasn t terribly dry, but rather filled with loads of interesting examples and not really case studies, but rememberences, he illustrates principles by relating them to various designs, how successful they were or weren t, etc.All in all, an excellent starting resource, for going from zero to knowing enough to know you need to know about a lot and probably enough to make a boy scout attempt at a model or drone design of your own.