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Un muy buen libro para repasar fisiología y mecanismo patológico en MTC; la clave para comprender y tratar a partir de la MTC. Imprescindible para simplificar el método de escribir prescripciones de materias medicinales chinas así como sus modificaciones.
El libro se organiza a partir de mecanismos patológicos y no a partir de patologías. Desde el mecanismo patológico aparecen distintas variantes clínicas fácilmente comprensibles. Propone prescripciones nuevas y totalmente equilibradas para la mayoría de los practicantes de MTC en occidente; estas prescripciones están basadas en fórmulas conocidas. También ayuda en el proceso de razonar y modificar dichas prescripciones. Nice book An important text with an acceptable translation that facilitates fine tuning in writing formulas. My kudos to Jason Blalack for pursuing this project. This book is one that I would have loved to have when I was in school, as Qin BoWei developed a method that more resembles my western problemsolving process. The book has added commentary from Wu BoPing, which helps when Dr. Qin was less verbal on particular subjects. Very good book. If you are a student or practitioner of TCM herbology, this book is a must have. Great! I did not finish reading yet, but this book gave me another insight. Excellent. *Download ✒ Qin Bo-Wei's 56 Treatment Methods: Writing Precise Prescriptions ↛ In The Spring Of , Jason Blalack Asked His Mentor, Wu BoPing, What Was The Most Important Chinese Medical Text To Translate Into English After A Few Moments Of Thought, Dr Wu Presented Jason With A Tattered Paperback Copy Of The Original Edition Of Qin Bo Wei's New Guidelines For Treatment C , A Manuscript That For All Intents And Purposes Had Been Lost During The Cultural Revolution That Is The Text That Forms The Framework Of This Exciting New Book Qin BoWeiWas Among The Most Important Physicians Of The Modern Era As A Prominent Clinician, Educator, And Scholar, He Worked To Integrate Classical Schools Of Thought And Created One Of The Most Coherent Systems For Understanding Chinese Medicine During A Critical Time Of Intense Turbulence In China's History Wu Bo Ping Was One Of Dr Qin's Students And Is Among The Few Who Are Still Living Today Translated And Presented To A Western Audience For The First Time, Qin's Original Work Is Enriched By Dr Wu's Extensive Commentary, Which Transforms It Into A Handson Guide On How To Effectively Practice Herbal Medicine An Excellent Clinical Manual, This Book Primarily Teaches A Method Of Thinking That Serves As A Foundation For A Lifelong Approach To Herbal Medicine An Understanding Of How To Use The Core Concepts Presented Here Allows One To Effectively Treat The Majority Of Diseases Seen In The Contemporary Clinic The Text Itself Is Unique In Its Presentation And Differs From Other Clinical Manuals In A Number Of Ways: Organized By Treatment Method Teaches A Way Of Emulating The Thought Underlying A Prescription Without Being Tied To Its Specified Ingredients Or Original Indications, Thereby Reflecting The Thinking Of Chinese Medicine's Greatest Clinicians Ultimately, This Approach Opens Up Treatment Possibilities That Are Often Ignored In Conventional Textbooks Small Number Of Ingredients Dr Qin's Prescriptions Contain A Small Number Of Preci If you went to TCM school outside of China you need this book. Great insights onto phlegm and modern diseases. Excellent book and delivered in quick time, thank you very much.