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!Download Pdf ♫ Discoveries: Incas ♂ A Narrative History Of The Great Inca Empire Of Peru Describes The Daily Life, Innovative Agricultural Techniques, Architectural Wonders, Metalworking Skills, And Religious Practices Of The Incas, As Well As The Devastating Impact Of European Colonization Original A very readable history of the Inca people The book is useful if you are 15 or 50 I thought the documents at the end of the book was a big plus The book is compact and can be taken on your trip as a reference. I wanted to learn history and culture of Inca before I traveled to Peru, but I was desperately busy This is the only book I completely finished before I left USA, and it was really helpful When I visited many places, I actually knew a lot than other visitors.I highly recommend this book before your trip to Peru. A gift for a friend Enjoyable small photo book that gives a brief description of Peru, the Incas, the Nascas and other groups in Peru with emphasis of the time of the Spanish conquest It is too small of a book to go into great details, but gives wonderful oversight and ends with a section of historic letters from the 1500 s up to Hiram Bingham s rediscovery of Manchu Pichu Excellent photos 4x6, so it is a small book, but good for an overview This was helpful in preparing me for a trip to Peru.