READ E-PUB ⚈ The Tail of Emily Windsnap ⚓

I purchased this as a Christmas present for 8 year old and paired it with a mermaid tail blanket Reading the synopsis, it seems like an appropriate, yet challenging and interesting read for her I like that it s part of a series so if she enjoys it, there are READ E-PUB ☯ The Tail of Emily Windsnap ⚈ A Young Girl Learns Shes Half Mermaid And Plunges Into A Scheme To Reunite With Her Father In This Entrancing, Satisfying Tale That Beckons Readers Far Below The WavesFor As Long As She Can Remember, Twelve Year Old Emily Windsnap Has Lived On A Boat And, Oddly Enough, For Just As Long, Her Mother Has Seemed Anxious To Keep Emily Away From The Water But When Mom Finally Agrees To Let Her Take Swimming Lessons, Emily Makes A Startling Discovery About Her Own Identity, The Mysterious Father Shes Never Met, And The Thrilling Possibilities And Perils Shimmering Deep Below The Waters Surface With A Sure Sense Of Suspense And Richly Imaginative Details, First Time Author Liz Kessler Lures Us Into A Glorious Undersea World Where Mermaids Study Shipwrecks At School And Neptune Rules With An Iron Trident An Enchanting Fantasy About Family Secrets, Loyal Friendship, And The Convention Defying Power Of Love I bought the entire set of the Emily Windsnap books for my 10 year old niece as a birthday gift She loves mermaids and loved the books. My daughter loved this book we got a whole set She needs to read at least 20 mins a day but she spends time reading this and less time on electronics now She would tell me what she read so far over breakfast before she goes to school. This was a book I read in my class for book clubs with my best friends,my teacher,and some friends who were boys In this book,there is a girl,Emily,a mermaid,who is a hero in her own way Most people are used to reading about a man perseptionist,but no,this time it was a woman My point is that anyone can read this book and enjoy it You do not have to be a girl to read about girls,and you do not have to be a boy to read about boys I have a friend,Ryan,who read The Tail Of Emily Windsnap with me,and who liked it so much he bought the entire series I am not saying you have to like this book You most likely will though I am saying this book is for all gender,all people,to read It is ok if you do not like it,but if you do not like it based on the gender of the main character,that us wrong and you need to think about that This book had morals which made me think,Who am I Am I truly being myself Can I be This book had friendships,morals,life lessons,and meaning My classmates and I have all been split up into different book clubs,and we are all in a book club with some other classmates,and we are doing mini dioramas based on this book We had 5 6 boys in our group,and we had 5 girls All the boys are working just as hard and focusing just as much on this diorama as the girls,even though the book had a female perseptionist If you are still in Elementrary,Middle,or High School,then try and tell your teachers and friends about this book,and maybe you guys can do book clubs on the series If you are reading this review at home,or maybe you re a parent,wanting to buy a book for your son or daughter,then tell all your friends so that they can tell people so that everyone can read The Tail Of Emily Windsnap Please create a new series based on Shona Or maybe Emily s past Thank you so much for reading this Happy New Years xxKawaiiCherryBlossom