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What a surprise I raise poultry and game on a small farm we eat what we grow This has great illustrations for breaking down a bird and using every single part way beyond anything I have seen River Cottage Smiver Kotage this is an essential book for poultry and show how you can turn your own birds or even a cheap 3 dollar game hen into several decadent meals outstanding. [Read Book] ☮ Chicken and charcoal : Yakitori, Yardbird, Hong Kong ☨ From Hong Kong S Most Popular Restaurant Yardbird Comes This Guide To Grilling Chicken Towards Exciting And Cosmopolitan Recipes, In A Cookbook Applying A Strong Visual Style Inspired By Chef Matt Abergel S Love Of Skateboarding Culture Congratulations Mattnice work all around Guy has a talent very few have, the ability to elevate the common Japanese chicken dishes and at the same time put together a very comprehensive guide for the intermediate home cook perhaps I m an industry guy who never stops learning or soaking up information from my peers and this one will take patience, but the payoff is there and very rewarding if you follow through and learn about the breakdown, the cross utilization methods and just using stellar products in your food I just hope at some point I can try one of the yellow chickens that this lucky bastard has easy access where he is firmly built himself a growing successful restaurant. pretty good book, lots of pictures in butchering sectionhowever, should use arrows and directional arrows rather than word explanation for the butchering section for instance it says locate the joint of the upper thigh where the oyster is attached This isn t good direction That s pretty much assuming the customer already knows wtf the oyster looks like Certain specialty cuts like inner thigh should have direction, so in this instance I believe it can be improved.The skewering section in my opinion shows better, useful directionhowever certain instructions like how to skewer the tail are very poor.Does not mention orientation of the tail, or direction, and says to cut 45 degree angle. The recepies in the book are so easy well I just tried the a few really basic and easy ones but what I cooked my family loved.