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A fantastic inspiring book, well written, and covers the key prinsiples in a effective way It also has a clear voice and a fresh attitude. First time writing a Broadway play that is bound to be a hit no kidding Title WHERE S THAT BROADWAYThe play includes many songs and the book provides excellent guidlines for including them.The author Aaron Frankel is a familiar name and I am very pleased he took the time to write the book his heart for broadway shines through and I caught that sparkle which only adds to the excitement of our playMany thanks for carrying the bookHeart Shapre good I wanted to know about structure, song placement, roles of songs, examples of structure, any kind of tips at all.This book was so weirdly conceived it seemed to be written for people who know nothing about musicals at all and was certainly not helpful as a guide or reference book for writing them.I haven t found any other good books on the subject but this really was useless. good I have had ideas for several musicals for a number of years and needed this well written book to help me organize my ideas and inspire me to get to work on my potentials HITS they wont get produced staying as only Ideas in my mind.Rita Montes Martin. Great book and seller. &Read Epub ↬ Writing The Broadway Musical ☟ Brimming With Advice And Techniques, This Essential Reference For Book And Songwriters Clearly Explains The Fundamentals Of The Three Crafts Of A Musicalbook, Music, And Lyrics Using Copious Examples From Classic Shows, Frankel Has Created The Quintessential Musical Writers How To Among The Topics Definitions Of Musical Theater Differences Between Musical Books And Straight Plays And Between Poetry And Lyrics What A Score Is And How It Develops How To Write For The Voice And How To Audition Musicals For Producers With A New Introduction And Revised Text, Frankel S Work Is Ready To Guide A New Generation Of Aspiring Writers The writing gets in the way of what the author is trying to say Found myself lost in the sentences and missing his points. A great, concise, beginning to starting your first musical Doesn t really go very far into the composition side of it, but a good start.