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Purchased this book as a pre teaching tool in preparation for taking my Homeschool to the Symphony The book describes all the instruments with colorful illustrations My children grades K 7 all enjoyed the book and it was exciting to hear them make connections at the event between book and practical experiential learning my grand kids loved this it is told in simple and fun terms and with appealing graphics A good way to teach without seeming to do so Easily understood I also got a cd player and some classical music CD s and this has helped them to listen to the different parts There are not a lot of books about orchestras that are aimed at young children This book does a few things really well The illustrations are wonderful, and depict animals buying their tickets and getting seated, playing realistic looking instruments, and going home The illustrations get five stars The text falls off a bit, and demonstrates a problem describing music with words To say that an instrument sounds blue really doesn t say much The text gets three stars What is just maddening is that publishers can crank out any number of cartoon character books, with buttons along the side, that make an assortment of sounds Why then can t some publisher use the same technology to give a brief sample of what the instruments sound like I read this book, and I think of how it could have been so much better. The ebook version is worthless The pages are fragmented and do not align properly on the display They are framed by the actual text of the story Properly converted ebooks highlight the text, but do not copy it outside the pages of the original book, and therefore do not detract from the overall appearance There is no way I could share this book with a child or with the classes I teach A word of caution in generalsamples usually do not include enough pages to be able to identify such problems in advance Do yourself a favor, and avoidebooks for children. ( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ⚆ Meet the Orchestra ☫ This Lyrical Romp Through The Orchestra Begins With Animal Musicians Slowly Gathering For The Evening Performance Poetic Descriptions Suggest The Sounds Of The Instruments, And Lively Watercolor Illustrations Capture The Playful Essence Of Each Musician And Musical Instrument It S A Smashing Introduction To Classical Music, And A Must Prior To A First Visit To The Symphony Publishers Weekly