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Great product Fast shipping Satisfied customer [Download E-pub] ⚖ Techniques of Tape Reading ☱ How To Use Trading S Most Time Honored Technique To Reap Profits In Today S Fastmoving, Point And Click Markets Tape Reading Is Among The Oldest And Most Successful Methods Of Technical Analysis Techniques Of Tape Reading Shows Traders How To Incorporate The Best Aspects Of Tape Reading Into A Modern Trading Plan, By Understanding The Correlation Between Volume And Price And Simply Trading Off What A Stock S Price Movement Is Telling Them To Do A Practical, How To Guide For Using Tape Reading To Improve Trading Decisions In Today S Screen Trading Environment, Techniques Of Tape Reading Discusses Profitable Use Of Tape Reading In Both Swing And Day Trading How The Best Traders Condition Their Minds And Mind Sets Tape Reading Techniques For Up, Down, And Nontrending Markets Are you a trader Do you want to be a trader I have been trading for 18 months I guess that makes me a beginning trader I have read every highly reccommended trading book there is Theory is not what this book is about.This book is about REALITY This book tells it the way it is.I trade for a living I have been a member of several trading sites I am not a member of the author s site Now, I trade on my own I have no agenda The author clearly tells you the MARKET is your teacher Trade what you see and not what you think You can read twenty or books like I have, or you can read this book This book gives you enough to TRADE.I have made MONEY since I bought this book If you are a trader, the book is worth alot The author s concept of risk management has made me alot of MONEY Selling on those volume spikes works If you are thinking about starting to trade this book could help you be one of the 10% that makes it day trading AND save you thousands These concepts work in the market I use them every day I would buy this book first, Douglas s second, Nison s third, and forget the rest I hope this helps someone make the decision to buy this book which WILL help you I only have one complaint, WHY didn t they publish this information two years ago Best of Luck with your trading And Watch that volume, if you can learn to read what it is telling you, you will be a trader I found there to be no actual tape reading Instead I found a grammatically poor book and the resultant struggling to re read sentences to pinpoint what the author was trying to convey.I did enjoy his personal background history Half the book is taken up by this and the rest examples of his trading setups The setups I found somewhat informative but that was not the reason for purchase.Going back to tape reading or rather the lack of Rather than specific examples showing tape reading he merely inserts e.g here we use tape reading to exit a position or using tape reading principles we look to short here.I m disappointed 2 stars may be a little generous, perhaps 1.5 stars. Prompt delivery, just as described, pages neat and clean Very satisfied.